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Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society Novels)

Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter See more of my reviews sooner on The YA Kitten!Reviewing this series is hard. I struggled for words with my review of Heist Society and I was so unable to talk about my feelings with Uncommon Criminals that I never reviewed it at all. On the third try, I finally know how to talk about this book and not feel like I'm struggling for words. Kat and her family are back--and hopefully, they'll be around for more books. We still don't know what the Ws in Hale's name stand for, after all. I can't rest until I know.Kat, her friends, and her eccentric family are back and ready to save Hale's newly-inherited company. Speaking of him, the glimpse into his life outside the thievery he takes part in with Kat and the others is something I wanted but never actually knew I wanted. No wonder he was so eager to go along with Kat that night! The poor guy is stuck in such a rough family. A bit of a stereotype of the rich family, but rough nonetheless.Garrett is evil enough because he's a lawyer and lawyers in novels are almost always evil, but once he starts threatening Kat's family and outsmarts them multiple times, it's ON. Seeing Kat work together with both her blood family and made family to take him down was as delicious as enjoying brownies after almost half a year without them. The man deserved it. I'd feel the same way whether or not he was a money-hungry lawyer from the depths of hell.One of the twists toward the end also confuses me. Kat's feeling seem so genuine (though admittedly, there are only two scenes of her showing those emotions and they both take place in front of people Kat and co. want to trick) and the character it involves ends up invoking the Disney Death trope. How did they do it? Even with the appearance of another character that acts as a hint, there's no real explanation for how it happened. There are the times where you kind of want an explanation and kind of don't at the same time--seriously, how the Rumpelstiltskin involves a hypnotist is beyond me--but this is not one of those times.So long story short, never trust lawyers. They want to forge your grandmother's will in their favor and bankrupt your family. (I kid, I kid. Only ninety percent of lawyers are like that.)