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Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers See more of my reviews sooner on The YA Kitten!Is it even possible for Courtney Summers to write a bad book? After reading all four of her currently-available novels, I think it would take her more effort to write a bad book than it does to produce the fantastic, affecting works I've come to love her for. Some Girls Are has been hailed as her best and I can see why. Regina's story of falling from the top and becoming the number-one enemy of her former best friends and how she gets tired of just taking it is beyond powerful and cringeworthy in the best of ways.Like all of Summers' heroines, Regina isn't anyone you will want to root for most of the time, but you empathize with her and understand her. She's well-established in personality and especially in her flaws; there is no shortage of people calling her out on what she does wrong both before her fall and after. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around, and what Regina has done is coming back to her--though as the novel always asserts, Donnie trying to rape her at the beginning of the novel is not her fault and she didn't deserve to go through that trauma, nor should it have been used against her by Kara.One bit I especially loved is when Liz, someone Regina once let Anna bully to the point that she tried to commit suicide, tells Regina as she attempts to apologize and gain Liz's forgiveness:"When will you forgive me?" I blurt out. "I got what I deserved. I know I deserve it, everything, but I need to know if you forgive--""Like if you suffer enough I should forgive you?" she asks, totally unimpressed. I exhale shakily and stare at her feet. "That's not how it works." (~p. 150)The bullying she faces is unfortunately realistic and incredibly painful, especially for me to read a someone who has suffered through bullying. Mine was never as bad as Regina's, thank goodness, but I wanted to do something more than stand by and watch as she discovered her vandalized locker each time it happened or got locked in a room with the guy who tried to rape her. Books about bullying and the popular girls aren't uncommon by any means, but Some Girls Are is above the rest because of how visceral it is.Really, I'm struggling to find words for this novel. It's that good! Now I'm caught up on all things Courtney Summers for the moment. The wait until her next book All The Rage comes out is going to be a long one.