Ashleigh Paige

I'm a full-time college sophomore pursuing my B.A. in English with hopes of one day working as an editor. Cats, musicals, documentaries about cults/disasters/tragedies, and curse words are just a few of my favorite things. Also, check out our blog or I WILL FIND YOU.

Love in the Time of Global Warming

Love in the Time of Global Warming - Francesca Lia Block 3.5 stars.More than anything else, I love that all four main characters are LGBT. That is some amazing diversity to see from a publisher as large as Macmillan and I hope more like it happens in the future.This story itself is less impressive despite the gorgeous prose. This book needs more development for its relationships and yet everything would go horribly wrong if it got any longer, which produces a serious conundrum. Block's surreal portrait of Pen's post-apocalyptic life is full to the brim with elements of magical realism and Homer's The Odyssey, but it's often so out there that it distances me from the story. One such instance is when Pen and her FTM trans boy toy Hex run across a siren (once a human girl who got a LOT of surgery, as Pen makes clear) slipping around in the mud.That's pretty much it. There's really not a lot to say.