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Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6)

Into the Hollow - Karina Halle See more of my reviews sooner on The YA Kitten!You know the drill: the author is my friend, but this didn't affect my review or rating in any way.After five books of these two misunderstanding each other left and right and doing more than a few things than would make a normal person give up on someone altogether, Dex and Perry finally get it together! Into the Hollow is everything I expected it to be after the utterly fantastic On Demon Wings and it's good to see so many issues finally being addressed. This is a short one because gushing over this one is about as easy as pulling a tooth or making me get a shot, but I'm sure fans of the series will find exactly what they're looking for here.Seriously, almost every issue and misunderstanding between Dex and Perry from the last five books, from the medicine switch to the lies to just about anything else you can think of that hasn't been dealt with is here. After going through hell in the last five books, our favorite duo has changed a lot. Their hearts have been broken, they've nearly been killed a couple times over, and they know much more about who they are now. They're also to a point where they can engage in some very steamy scenes the likes of which the previous books can't compete with!I've gotten used to seeing typos because you can't catch everything, but there's that and then there's a smile spreading inside Perry's stomach. That is a place where smiles should not be. The uneven pacing had me flipping the pages so quickly that it hurt my fingers one occasion and then made me have to fight to read more the next. This isn't helped by the supernatural factor coming in so late in the novel, but once it's there, it's worth it.One scene in particular leaves a sour taste in my mouth every time I think about it. It's a scene deep in the novel: Mitch knocks out Dex and attempts to rape Perry, which readers have probably expecting him to do for some time based on all the looks he gave Perry. Once Mitch gets the snot beaten out of him, Dex and Perry take off on their own...and run right into the monster they were trying to avoid. Rape scenes in general are uncomfortable, but they're even more uncomfortable when they come off as a plot device used to get characters where they need to go. That's how this scene comes off to me because I can think of at least one other way to get them to the same place.Is that going to stop me from reading on? Of course not! Especially not since Come Alive, book seven in the series, will be told in Dex's POV instead of Perry's. That makes it an absolute must-read for me!