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Kinslayer (Lotus War)

Kinslayer - Jay Kristoff

DNFed on page 163, which would put me about... 35% of the way in, I think? Yeah, that sounds right.


I knew I'd lost the enthusiasm for Stormdancer that I had last year, partially due to my own evolving tastes and how reviews I agreed with pointed out genuinely problematic elements I missed. However, I underestimated how much enthusiasm I'd lost until this 464-page monster jumped out of its package and fell on my foot. On yeah, and when I started reading, but frankly, the ache of my foot after this book fell on it was an omen. AN OMEN.


Kristoff's prose is as overwrought as ever and the division of the story between Yukiko, some children and handmaidens back in Kigen City, and even Hiro (who is now about to become Shogun) doesn't help. I never really felt invested in these characters in the first book and it's no better here. Combine it all and it's a real storm of trouble for me.


Speaking of whom: Hiro, he of the much-swooned-over green eyes. I didn't think much of it at the time, but what is a man with foreign eyes doing so high up in the ranks with so little problems when Shima has been at war for twenty with a foreign nation where green eyes are undoubtedly more common? AND NOW HE'S ABOUT TO BECOME THE NEW SHOGUN. Considering what Shima does with foreign prisoners... Why is this happening? Really, why?


The slow pacing, overly detailed prose, and all had me close to my DNF point already. What Yukiko says to a female arashitora Buruu is pursuing but failing to catch because Lady Arashitora wants fuck-all to do with him (something about him being the Kinslayer, but I don't give that many fucks, sadly) is what did it.


Yukiko's words: "I know it's probably expected of you to make him work for his supper, but if you could skip the foreplay and let him catch you, I'd really appreciate it. We've been flying for four days and he's about to have a heart attack (ARC p. 161)."


What I saw in her words: "Hey, I know you want nothing to do with a Buruu in heat, but he really wants to fuck you and is about to kill himself trying, so let him rape you so this can end."


Yeah, no. The arashitora have minds of their own enough for consent to become an issue for me.


At least Goodreads doesn't require me to rate it like Amazon does. I'm going to feel like a real shithead when I have to post basically the same review on Amazon with the accompanying rating my gut says is right: one star. And no other Vine reviewers have gotten to it yet, so mine will be the only one until someone does. I have but one thing left to say: BRING ON THE DOWNVOTES.