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I'm a full-time college sophomore pursuing my B.A. in English with hopes of one day working as an editor. Cats, musicals, documentaries about cults/disasters/tragedies, and curse words are just a few of my favorite things. Also, check out our blog or I WILL FIND YOU.

The Vanishing Game

The Vanishing Game - Kate Kae Myers I received a copy of this novel for review through NetGalley. I thank them for that, but I wish I could have liked this novel more.The Vanishing Game is unfortunately another DNF novel for me. The descriptions of Seale House were chilling and thanks to tight writing and chapters that almost always ended in cliffhangers, what I could read of The Vanishing Game was compulsively readable. Unfortunately, so many pieces of the novel are the wrong kind of creepy that I had to give up. I can only take so much creeping from love interests in a given amount of time and I reached that limit yesterday.Reasons I gave up seventy pages in:*We are introduced to Jocelyn's love interest Noah in the first chapter, wherein she hides in the back of his car and he tries to strangle her to death.* Once the above is sorted out, Noah talks about the two moles on Jocelyn's neck, how they look like a vampire bite, and how he fantasized about biting her there.*Jocelyn says this: "Now, at almost eighteen, I admitted there'd been a plus to my unattractive looks back then. Considering all the men that drifted in and out of Melody's life, if I'd been pretty like my mother I'd likely have gone through much worse stuff than I had. But because all they saw was a tall, scrawny kid that could've passed for a boy, they left me alone (The Vanishing Game, ARC p. 29)." Um, what? Thank God she wasn't pretty or she would have been assaulted?* The only other females introduced up to page seventy were Jocelyn, her mother Melody (single mother who neglected her children and brought home many mean or skeevy boyfriends), Sasha (girl flirting with Noah who immediately starts glaring at Jocelyn when they haven't said a word to one another and all she knows of Jocelyn is that she knows Noah), and Sasha's then-nameless friend (glares at Jocelyn out of loyalty to her friend, hanging off her boyfriend's arm). I'm at my limit on girl hate too.For the sake of having some resolution, I skipped to the end of the book and read the last thirty pages. Nice twist there with the dissociative identity disorder. I never would have thought of it. Let's just say the blurb's claim that it "will send readers straight back to page 1 to read the book in a whole new light" has some merit to it.