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The Name of the Star (Shades of London Series #1)

The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson Also appears on The Screaming Nitpicker.Aurora "Rory" Deveaux's first day in London is a momentous one, but not because of her; it was the day a series of modern Ripper murders began and terrorized the city. To Rory, these murders take a backseat as she settles into Wexford, her new boarding school, and makes friends... at first. Then one of the murders happens on campus and Rory is seeing people that others can't see except for three other people she hardly knows. Unless something is done, Rory will be the Ripper's next target and it isn't going to be pretty.-sigh- I hate it when books I've been excited about for months turn out to be duds like this. It only upsets me further to have to write a review and admit it.Johnson really brought London and Wexford to life and created a wonderfully dreary atmosphere. There were a few things about the novel I enjoyed: Alistair, Boo, the alligator anecdote, Jerome and Rory's assignment with butts. However, the last one was the only one I enjoyed of its own merit. The other three were only enjoyed because of how they applied to me or what they reminded me of (Alistair shares a name with the antagonist in my own manuscript, Boo sounds like Lily Allen in my head, the alligator anecdote reminded me of how we lived on the river when I was a baby and my dad had to shoot at a river gator every once in a while), not of any merit they might have on their own.Other than the atmosphere and setting, the writing cannot deliver; I lacked the all-important connection to the characters and called each twist long before it was revealed. To be honest, The Name of the Star is such an average book that this is the shortest review I've written since I started reviewing over a year ago. There is next to nothing I can say about it because of the lack of any remarkable content. I've heard people make the same criticism of Johnson's other books, so I may try another of her novels so I can see if it's just this book, just me, or something more. Maybe this will be someone else's perfect book, but it sure isn't mine.