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Enshadowed (Nevermore, #2)

Enshadowed - Kelly Creagh See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten!A year and two months of waiting. That's nothing compared to the full two years other fans have been waiting, but it was painful. Then my mail room held Enshadowed hostage for an entire week and my grin was as wide as the state of Florida is long once I got it. It's a bit weaker than the first book of the series, but Enshadowed was just as difficult to put down and managed to improve itself in a few areas. But that cliffhanger makes me want to toss a chair out the window.Isobel is forced to carry much of the book on her shoulders, and at times, she isn't strong enough to carry all that weight. Still, Enshadowed fleshes out her relationships with other characters, especially her family. The family is often forgotten and I'm glad she at least considers how her actions have hurt/will hurt them. Personally, I really like Isobel.The rumors are true: Varen is barely in this book. He is sorely missed, as are the scenes between him and Isobel that made Nevermore so much fun to read, but the presence of Pinfeathers (a character I already liked and now love after reading this book) made his absence more bearable. Still, there's so much about this novel that still clicks with me. Creagh's prose is perfect for the story she's telling and the strange happenings in Isobel's life (like, say, a lullaby following her everywhere and seeing Varen in reflective surfaces on occasion) increase to give the book better pacing overall.A point many of my friends made about Nevermore was that Isobel could be really, really thick sometimes, though I never noticed. I was too enveloped in the story to care. This time around, I see exactly what those friends of mine mean. One of the messages Pinfeathers gives her is fairly clear, but his pronoun use goes right over her head and it's a bit frustrating. Her original lack of planning/research for how she'd get into the cemetery on Poe's birthday grated on me too.I really, really hope book three in Creagh's series doesn't get delayed a year the way Enshadowed did. I don't think I could take it. Just--just--I can't even--! Augh! Cliffhangers like that are evil.