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Neverfall - Brodi Ashton See more of my reviews sooner on The YA Kitten!Maybe it was better not being inside Cole's head and forming my own ideas about what went on in there. Now I've been in there and I know what he's got for Nikki is classic insta-love, which does something akin to taking a wrecking ball to my wall of headcanon reserved for this series. Still, I'm more glad I read Neverfall than regretful because of how it lets readers look deeper into the Everneath. Nikki only knows so much about it compared to an millennium-old Everliving like Cole, after all.Most of the novella is dedicated to Cole's search for answers as to how Nikki survived, but there are occasional flashbacks that give readers his point of view into pivotal pre-Feed moments like their first meeting and Cole showing up when Nikki saw Jack off to football camp. Anyone who has read Everneath knows what ensued soon after that. They're like small bonuses alongside new, interesting material. The journey he goes on for his answers take him to a group not even Nikki knew about: the Delphinians, Everlivings banned from their world by the queen who thought they might be trying to overthrow her. They were like a senate, but now they're fire-scarred Scholars and Fates who feed off a small portal to the Everneath in London. It's a shame we see so little of what could be a fascinating group.My biggest issue with the novella is my inability to feel Cole has anything for Nikki other than an obsession without a strong base. As his point of view shows us, it just sort of happened. No real rhyme or reason. The benefit of not being in his head in Everneath was the ability to create my own rhyme and reason to his actions and feelings, but that's ruined now. Of course, I'm more upset about the lack of development than the ruination of my headcanon. The latter happens too much to get upset over it anymore.There are also two chapters of Everbound included with this novella, and what I've read makes me want it so much more badly than I already did. I have a few snarky comments (a path Nikki says looks like a backward C looks more like a drunken C) and issues with Jack and Nikki's relationship that I don't recall having before, but that's neither here nor there for now. I'll save it for when I read Everbound in its entirety. I'm curious as to what the relic a fellow Delphinian prisoner gave Cole the location of will do. Hm...