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Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid Series #6)

Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead After reading: I'm not even going to bother with a proper review for once because there's not enough of anything remarkable to make one. I'll just babble about a few things that need to be babbled about.After six books, I'm still wondering what was so important about Georgina and Seth. Georgina had a period of time where she was a productive succubus, but she fell back into being a slacker; she didn't even do any of her succubus duties in this book. Others out there could more than make up for her and be much better. I don't see what could warrant her being "one of Hell's most valuable assets." Georgina and Seth are just two souls out of billions and nothing unique, so why all the fuss? Because Hell doesn't lose souls? Big deal.I don't like either of them, really. Georgina is just dumb (why be so shocked that you get betrayed? You know what demons are like and their loyalty is to Hell, not you) and both Georgina and Seth are assholes. All of the characters, including--no, especially--Doug and Roman because I can't see them acting the way they do considering how our two main characters have treated them, were off.Nothing happened. Well, of course a few things happened, but the book had practically nothing to it. I almost regret buying the book because there was nothing in this book I didn't expect; all of it was visible from a mile away and so predictable. From the synopsis and my knowledge of Richelle Mead books, I could have saved myself the time and money and figured out what was going to happen myself.But there were a few things I liked: Roman, Carter, Jerome, Seth's family (excluding Ian, an over-the-top hipster),... Pretty much everyone who wasn't named Georgina or Seth. There were a few moments here and there that made me giggle or go "aww..." The love Mead once put into her books used to be palpable and while most of that is now gone and has been gone since about the time Blood Promise was released, there are still the occasional moments where that love is back.And this is it. This is the last Richelle Mead book I will ever read. Vampire Academy is finished, I never plan to read Bloodlines, and I gave up on Dark Swan a long time ago. I held out for Succubus Revealed just because it was the last book of the series and I wanted some closure. Now I have it. Later, Richelle. I'll always love the first Succubus book and the second and third books of Vampire Academy, but I can no longer call myself a fan of yours.Before reading: Honestly, I'm only reading this book because it's the last one. If there were three or more books after it, I wouldn't bother. I recently fell out of love with Mead's books, though I will always have a special place for them because of the fun reading and inspiration they supplied me with. I didn't like Succubus Shadows and I doubt I'll feel any different when this comes out.