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Angel Star

Angel Star - Jennifer Murgia Reworded from my entry on The Screaming Nitpicker. Original review here. Warning: that one is heavily venomous, this one slightly less so.I always told myself I would never post my full thoughts on Angel Star on Goodreads because it would involve more venom, fire-spitting, and general evil than any review should. Then I remembered what book it was about and I decided to go for it, though I've reworded things to make them fall just under the line I define as the border between "too much venom" and "not enough venom." (And yes, I like that word. V sounds are pleasant to my ears.)Page one warned me that I was in for a hellish ride with a quote like "[...] and the heavens wept for me," but I didn't listen. Quotes where the main character is trying to make it seem like nature actually give a hoot about them are very bad signs. It was also a bad sign that it was an angel book (and I have a terrible history with angel books, let me tell you), but I decided to ignore them. Stupid me.The element of the book that really made me want to toss it in the fireplace was how it made being a confident young woman seem like a bad thing and demonized any girl who dared be beautiful or bold. We have two confident girls: Brynn and Claire. Brynn is the stereotypical mean girl (off-topic, but all characters are caricatures, and I mean all of them) who bullies Teagan (awful name) and spills her boobs all up in boys' faces. Claire is Teagan's best friend at first, but she soon turns evil and dies. (Not that they were ever true besties in the first place; they easily abandon each other without a word over a guy and besties don't do that.)The message I got from the Brynn and Claire thing was this: If you're bold and confident, you're either the bad girl or the future dead girl. If you're meek, you'll get your hottie angel and a hottie fallen angel who wants to boink you (and will want to boink your daughter if you resist his "sexy" advances and have a baby girl)!Garreth and Teagan fall into insta-love and like most readers, I don't like insta-love. These two have no development at all in their romantic relationship and that's boring. It's just meeting, BAM! creepy things Garreth says that raise no flags with Teagan, BAM! revelation about Teagan and her absentee dad, BAM! they're in love and we're still being beaten over the head with that magical feeling in her gut.By the way, you will take a beating from the Foreshadowing Stick. You will. There's no escape from it.Even for a paranormal book, this was unrealistic as hell, especially in its "normal" elements like the reaction to Garreth's arrival. My parents grew up in a town so small that they had one elementary school, junior high, and high school for the entire county and according to them, no one cared that much when a new student came around. My eyes could have rolled out of my head at everyone's reaction to Garreth. The "it's just fiction!" excuse will not work here.Teagan herself is utterly dislikable and I prefer Brynn to Teagan any day. At least Brynn doesn't instantly forget that her supposed best friend just died, be overdramatic, lack common sense when a guy takes her out to an abandoned chapel and ask her about past lives, and think nothing of it when a guy shows up in her room in the middle of the night glowing. Brynn also wouldn't try to make her boyfriend lose his status as an angel by making him stay for more than eight days just because she wants him to. Status in heaven>you, Teagan.Something interesting: in eighty-four pages, Teagan feels the need to point out to us TWELVE TIMES that Garreth's eyes are blue. You should not be averaging a description of any particular feature at once every seven pages. We get it. Really.Finally, Teagan got made fun of by Brynn once for her hat and because Teagan had an egg sandwich that morning, she vomited. If the presentation of that situation (including the reason why she vomited) makes any sense to you, I gift you with a sugary item of your choice.