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Lying Season

Lying Season - Karina Halle See more of my reviews sooner on The YA Kitten! I received a copy from the author for review.Same song and dance as usual: the author is one of my friends and this did not influence my rating or my review in any way.-bites lip- My. God. I can't... There aren't words for some things, and I think one of those things is any short reaction to how I feel about Lying Season. Excuse me while I throw some words on the computer like I'm a pitcher throwing baseballs and hope they get across my feelings.Perry and Dex are both imperfect people. That's part of what makes them so interesting and fun to read about, and I accept them as imperfect people. Perry is still very insecure, refers to dressing sexily as slutting it up (which I get is contemporary speech, but it still annoys the piss out of me), and can be oblivious; Dex has been through a lot, isn't the nicest guy on the block, and is scared of change now that he has found some sort of balance in his life. Still, my frustration with these characters bubbled over the top and I just about blew up.Perry messing with Dex's medication was beyond wrong and though she admits it was wrong, that it occurred to her and she did it at all was too much. Dex is not the first fictional man to have "I'm scared of change" keep him from getting with the person he likes/loves, but he is no less irritating with it. I'm normally kinder to his issues because his complexity explains it, but this is one issue I found myself unable to be merciful with him for. In general, the will-they-won't-they vibe Perry and Dex having going on is one of the appeals of this series, but in Lying Season, it was simply too much. Forced, I think I want to say.The focus is more on the characters than anything Perry and Dex have to film for the show, but that doesn't mean the book is short of scares and sexy scenes. There are plenty of both. The descriptions of the main ghost haunting them in particular are well-written. Oh God, the image of that ghost... -shiver- I don't wanna see it. I don't wanna! There's also a minor plot line involving a copycat show, and though what we see of it is good, it doesn't have a large presence in the story.The ending is a category all its own. We think everything is going to be awesome from here on out, but NOPE! Cliffhanger of utter pain and agony. Number of f-bombs dropped during it by me: dozens. The focus on the human characters meant a greater emphasis on the human drama and after a book full of it, I wasn't prepared for an extra-large bomb of it to be dropped in my brain with the detonator about to go off.This book sent me to bed frustrated (not like that, all the perverts reading this!) and I need a small break before I read On Demon Wings, the fifth book in the series.