Ashleigh Paige

I'm a full-time college sophomore pursuing my B.A. in English with hopes of one day working as an editor. Cats, musicals, documentaries about cults/disasters/tragedies, and curse words are just a few of my favorite things. Also, check out our blog or I WILL FIND YOU.

Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound, #1) - Jennifer Ashley I have too many negative memories associated with this novel to ever read it. One of my friends is stuck in an unhealthy, abusive relationship cycle with a guy who believes he's a werewolf and that I'm half-demon. Among other things he has done, he has threatened suicide when she broke up with him and made it impossible for her to tell her parents about how he was harassing her during their break-up by saying he would tell her parents about all the supernatural/occult things they were involved in. The girl and I were extremely close friends during this time, though we have grown apart since then, and I saw all the texts, so this is not just secondhand information or things she could easily lie about.This book is one of her favorites. He bought it for her and it reminds her a lot of her relationship with him. So yeah, you can probably see why I can't touch this.